Why? Why do we travel, even more why do some people do adventure sports? Why do we trek for miles? Why do some people want to jump out of a perfectly working airplane?

People have asked me similar questions from the very beginning of my journey. I really don’t know how to answer these questions. All I can say is ‘Why not?’ Why not do things that you love doing? Why not take up challenges that are bigger than you, rather than just waking up every morning and going to work, stuck in the same routine. The thrill of facing challenges bigger than me is what makes me do it. It’s not easy; It’s not a walk in the park. What you see is just the carefully edited videos and the best photographs. There is a painstaking process behind it, a lot of physical and mental preparation more importantly a lot of research. In the end, it’s not only the glory or the happiness of having completed it but also a contemplation of what’s lost, what’s learnt and what’s unlearned.

In today’s world of digital connectivity we are easily distracted by anything that comes our way. We are always looking outside for things to entertain us. We are always peering down our phones to find something interesting on it. Adventure sports gives me the opportunity to look within, trekking those long routes helps me think deeply. Skydiving (of whatever little I’ve done) gave my mind a razor sharp focus. It’s like meditation you see, you start getting a different perspective of things and you start having a conversation with yourself. When you come out of it, your body may be physically exhausted but your mind… your mind refuses to follow. Sometimes it’s a mellow feeling, while sometimes it’s alive and kicking.

Do it. I tell you, just do it! Try it once! Try doing something you’ve never done before. Try taking a hike alone, get out of that comfort zone you live in. Try sleeping under the starry night sky, go put some miles on the bike. Go and celebrate the one and only life that you’ve got. When was the last time you did something for the first time. Cheers!


One thought on “Why?

  1. Hi Rewat,

    It was good reading your blogs and I really liked them. Looking forward to read the many more blogs which are on their way.

    But not sure if you remember me/my name, we worked together in Altisource during 2010 (I guess Aug-Sept). Hazeem Angami trained us and we loved playing Dumb charades during the training. Now I hope that rings a bell.


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