The Spark

Growing up in a boarding school I played almost every sports the school had to offer and even those the school didn’t (pea shooting, toilet paper roll football, chungi etc) I was pretty good at most but not good enough to represent the school. But I loved playing sports just for fun of it, so it never crossed my mind to actually take it seriously.

Year 2004; Jamling Tenzing Norgay son of Tenzing Norgay showed us a documentary where he and his team took an IMAX camera all the way up to Mt Everest. For most, it was just another documentary, for me it was an entry into a new world. His struggles, the unforgiving nature and the sheer awesomeness’ of the worlds highest mountain fascinated me. At the end of the feature I was dumbfounded, you know that feeling when you are so inspired that all you could do is just stare blankly into space without moving a single muscle. That was when I told myself, one day I am going to climb Everest. But then quick logic took over;  As a teenager you get inspired by any and everything and I told myself let’s see how long this is going to last? Do I really want to climb Everest or is it just 2 minutes of motivation that will dissolve the moment I step out of the hall?

It’s been almost 11 years since that day and my passion to climb Everest has only increased. And with it my fascination for other adventure sports also started to grow.

A shout out to my friend and brother Prajwal da, an avid mountaineer who shares my dream of climbing Everest. Every time we met and every trek we did, we talked about Everest and how one day we will stand on top of it.

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